Causes of Painful Digestion After Eating

Stomach pain after eating is a common problem. There are some things that can trigger painful digestion after eating
This is one of the main causes of stomach pain after eating. When a person eats too much food their stomach can hurt. It is the body’s way of saying the digestive system cannot handle any more food.
Food Poisoning
This is a very painful condition causes by foods that have gone bad. A person will have pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Heartburn can cause a painful burning sensation in the abdomen. This can happen as a result of eating specific types of foods.
Food Intolerance
Is a person has a sensitivity to specific foods. The stomach can cramp and a person will feel pain. Spicy foods are common culprits of stomach pain.
These are some of the common causes of painful digestion after eating. A person should be aware of what they eat when they get these pains. This way they can avoid these food items in the future.